JLBRACING 1/10 Electric Brushless monster truck Hobby RC car (80A) with black
JLBRACING 1/10 Electric Brushless monster truck Hobby RC car (80A) with black
JLBRACING 1/10 Electric Brushless monster truck Hobby RC car (80A) with black
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Drive System
500mm (19.6 in)
205mm (8.07 in)
Powerful Brushless 2500KV 3670 Motor
Performance 11.1v 4000MAH Li-Po Battery & Charger
17mm Hex & 145mm DIA
Brushless Waterproof ESC 80A
High Torque 21KG Metal Gear Steering Servo
3channel (91900)
Walk upright

1/10 Electric Brushless monster truck Hobby RC car Metal chassis


1.Superior metal chassis design with strength and wiredrawing processing metal second floor,the whole kit strength is enhanced greatly

2.Tough Suspension arms, Beefy parts mean he can take plenty of abuse and punishment, giving you plenty of big-air thrills for driving

3.Thick Super Heavy-Duty Dogbons provide the insurance you'll want when you take the it way off-road and into rough country without worrying about drivetrain breakages or anything else

4.Four huge Big Bore Aluminum shocks give all the suspension action you need to get out , the extra-large capacity gives you extra control and damping action so you have the driving feel that makes off-road driving so much fun

5.Wheelie Bar can stable walking upright ,the special balance feature will not make the car overturned easily

6. Totally enclosed differential is filled with 1000 # silicone oil, make it run for a long time, really not broke differential gear, gear and vehicle should live in here one hundred years together

7.LED with 4 kind of flash devices by third channel

Product description

Impressive 80km/h with 4WD Drivetrain:

Equipped with a four-wheel drive drivetrain, Distianert 1/10 Scale RC Car gives consistent and stable performances with highest speed of 80km/h for on-road racing truggy.

Sensitive 2.4GHz 50m Remote Control:

Keeping your buggy under control completely using a quick-responsive 2.4GHz remote control with remote distance up to 150m, it is easy to handle the buggy, no matter you are a new hobbyist of RC cars or an advanced RC car enthusiast.

Flexible with Fully Independent Suspension:

The electric racing truggy comes with 8 coil springs, which have an independent suspension on all wheels, soaking up bumps even in off-road racing and providing a better traction for flexible driving.

Shockproof Body Design:

A perfect combination of elastic coating, realistic plating front bumper, rugged tires and shock-absorbing main body, the RC car is totally shock-resistant and offers the protection for electronic components inside.

Convenient Power Supply:

This radio controlled vehicle is powered by 4 AA 1.5V batteries (not included) with 10-15 minutes driving time. There is no long boring charging time anymore, just load the batteries then ready to go.

Product Specifications:

Length: 510mm (20.1 in)

Width: 390mm (15.4in)

Height: 210mm (8.3 in)

Wheel base: 310mm (12.2 in)

Gap with gronud:50mm(1.97in)

Wheels: 17mm Hex & 145mm DIA

wight of walk:3.9KG

Battery: Performance 11.1v 4000MAH Li-Po Battery

Motor: Powerful Brushless 2500KV 3670 Motor

Servo: High Torque 21KG Metal Gear Steering Servo

ESC: Brushless Splash-proof   ESC 80A

Transmiter:2.4GHZ three channel(MT-305)

Charger:2S to 3S AC power supply 2 A Sample banlance charge

Stunt:Easy Work upright

Package included:

1x 1:10 RC Car

1x RC Car Battery

1x Transmitter(not included battery)

1x ESC(80A)

1X Motor(3670-2500KV)

1X Servo(21KG)

1X Sticker

1x Charger

1x Manual

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